From the desk of
I.J. “Chip” Berthelot, II

MARCH 2020

-Azure Business Continuity Statement-

Dear Friends and Stakeholders:

We want to update you on Azure’s operations during this challenging time created by the Covid-19 virus.

Azure has always maintained a focus on safe operations and now includes the unfolding Covid 19 crisis.  We are focused on being part of the solution through adherence to social distancing guidelines and quarantine protocols and by going the extra distance to support our colleagues, business partners and neighbors. Because we are part of the infrastructure required to supply much needed natural gas to help power the nation, Azure is considered an “Essential Business” and thus will continue operations without pause both safely and with social awareness.

Specific steps our management team has initiated to ensure safe and continuous operations include:

  • Management and office personnel are working remotely, not reporting to offices

  • Ensuring every employee has a laptop or desktop set up at home

  • Delaying non-critical routine inspection/maintenance items for 30/60 days (so long as they don’t impact either safety or reliability)

  • Proactively confirming with personnel, the status of known exposure/non-exposure and keeping any personnel who may have had exposure quarantined but “in the loop” remotely

  • For each Gas Control shift change, we are sanitizing the control room areas and equipment

  • All company offices are being “deep cleaned” and sanitized weekly with daily sanitization will any occupied spaces

  • While we have 45-60 days of most identified chemicals, lube oil and other expendables on hand, we have also identified and are in communication with Critical Vendors to ensure their operations are continuous, and if not, developing a back-up plan

If you have a specific question or concern in one of the following areas, we encourage you to reach out to the following Azure personnel listed below:

  • Operations: Victor Davis

  • Commercial: David Garrett

  • Scheduling, Lindsey Drennan

 For security reasons, we can’t provide personal contact information here, but if you are a stakeholder and don’t have contact info, please email us at or call our 24 hour phone number, 903.935.2333 and we will have the appropriate person contact you.

In the meantime, we wish you all good health and look forward to a post-crisis future.

Stay well!

l.J. "Chip" Berthelot, II
President, Azure Midstream Energy